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Full-Service Catering For Weddings – What to Consider

Selecting a caterer is one of the most important steps in arranging your wedding. It’s a big choice that could significantly affect your overall cost.

When choosing your caterer, you must consider many distinct criteria. You and your caterer must create the best menu for your special day!


Full-service wedding catering includes the food, beverages, and staffing needed to create an event that your guests will love. Some caterers also offer packages like menu creation Kennebunkport, ME, that include rentals like linens, cutlery sets, and dishes.

In addition, you may be charged for ancillary services like cake-cutting assistance and champagne fountain help. These can save you time and money on your big day!

The cost of wedding catering can vary depending on the size of your guest list. Larger numbers will mean you must budget for more rentals, staff, and other items.

A popular option for lowering wedding food costs is family-style service. This allows guests to get their meals from a buffet at their table rather than walking through a line. It’s also a great way to encourage conversation among your guests.

Service style

Full-service catering for weddings means that the food, services, and staff are all included in the package. This typically includes setting up and taking down the food stations, serving guests, and cleaning up before packing up at night’s end.

The service style you choose is one of the largest cost factors in your catering bill, so be sure to consider it carefully. A plated meal is typically the most expensive option, but it is possible to cut costs with family-style or buffet service.

Stationed dinners are another popular choice and offer various menu options in different areas around the venue. This can help guests who need to become more familiar with certain dishes or are still deciding what to order.

Regardless of your preferred service style, providing enough waitstaff to distribute meals throughout the reception is important. This helps ensure your guests enjoy themselves, dance, and celebrate without waiting too long for their meals.


Full-service wedding catering offers flexibility because it can handle everything from food to decorations. It will also make sure the party runs smoothly throughout the day.

The catering company will provide the venue with tables, linens, flatware, and other items needed for your ceremony and reception. They will also supply all the necessary beverages to keep your guests hydrated.

They can serve your meal in various ways, such as tableside, buffet, or family style. You must decide what works best for your wedding and your budget during planning.


The venue you choose for your wedding is crucial to your planning. It will determine the type of service you receive and how much money you can spend on it.

Full-service catering includes on-site kitchens, equipment rentals, and food preparation. This reduces the need for a planner, which may save you money on your overall budget.

However, remember that some venues charge a site or ceremony fee and a waste removal fee to cover the labor for cleaning up after the event.

Select a wedding caterer with prior expertise in cooking and serving in the location you’re considering hosting your reception. This will make things go more smoothly and give you more time to consider other crucial wedding details. Choosing an on-site caterer will guarantee that everything is prepared and served properly. Additionally, choosing a business with a solid reputation and can satisfy any unique requirements or dietary restrictions makes sense.

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