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Post-Residential Renovation Cleanup

Remodeling your home creates a pretty significant mess when all is said and done. Even if your contractor or crew of renovators go about the work efficiently, there’s still waste, dust and dirt to take care of when the project is done. To help, here are a few tips for homeowners on minimizing waste and performing a detailed post-construction cleanup after your final walkthrough.

First, let’s talk about waste. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, home remodeling accounts for 22% of all construction and demolition generated waste. Although much of that waste is from natural materials, some of it could affect your health, such as brick and drywall dust. Handling these materials should be done with care and may require specialized cleaning equipment.

If taking care of post-construction waste removal yourself, be sure to wear personal protection equipment. A respirator or face mask is vital in order to lower the odds of hazardous dust getting inside your lungs. Hiring a professional post-construction cleaning company could also go a long way in protecting your health and everyone else who lives in the house post-renovation. These services are equipped to handle all manner of projects, making sure to clean the home efficiently and dispose of waste safely.

Speaking of disposal, while you’ll probably want to rent a dumpster to remove debris as rapidly as possible, you should consider which items could be potentially reused or recycled. With a little planning ahead of construction, you could coordinate with the contractor to keep waste separated on-site as the project moves along. That way, it’s easier to recycle the waste and to donate any materials that are still in working condition for reuse. A mixed-waste dumpster is also a solid option for keeping items sorted and processed correctly when the time comes.

After these bigger materials have been removed, take a walk through the property to evaluate the supplies you’ll need for cleanup. For instance, spackling paste and spilled paint may call for special cleaning solutions for complete removal. Along the same lines is gathering the correct tools for the job. A high-powered vacuum cleaner, or shop vac, may be required to eliminate all that dust and dirt throughout the renovated area. A wet/dry vacuum is another convenient tool to invest in as it helps streamline serious cleaning projects such as this.

Going through important points such as these and others like them is a great way to set yourself up for success. Also, choose professional services to come in and take over the responsibility of cleaning up construction mess. Want to learn more about post-renovation inspection, cleanup and more? Check out the accompanying resource for further information.


Infographic created by NowRush Recycling Solutions, Commercial Dumpster Rental for Handling Your Company’s Waste Removal Needs

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