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Wetland treatment system on Barratta Creek

Barratta Creek has experienced some water quality exceedences so we thought it would be a really important site to actually trial a constructed wetland treatment system. So we’re looking at ways of moving back up through the catchment and intercept the nutrients and sediment that finding their way to the reef. This was a borrow pit before so we saw as an opportunity to repurpose something that was already here without impinging on productive land. The difference is now we are slowing that water down and intercepting it. Before the water probably came in and out in – maybe in an hour or two. We are wanting to hold it back for about 24 to 36 hours.

The inlet to the wetland is normally a standing water area where the water is slowed down and the sediments are settled out. This captures it in a location that is easily accessible and can be cleaned out. We put in these diversion buttons to create a convoluted flow path so that the water is then pushed up through all the reeds and around the end and then and then back down in a much more controlled way and similarly on the inlet on the opposite end there’s another bund that pushes water in and around and we deliberately did that to make more use of the wetland area. (more…)

Cover for Landscape Problem Areas

It’s really astonishing to me what a single plant can do. This plant is a great example of a ground cover. Do you have an area in your yard where maybe something doesn’t grow on the ground, like grass, because there’s too much shade because of trees or because the shade of your house? Or that it’s such a highly trafficked area, grass won’t grow. Or you’ve got a slope that just keeps washing away and you need something to stabilize it.

A ground cover like this is ideal. This little plant is called Winter Creeper, and it’s a tough, hard working plant. It can solve a lot of problems in your landscape. For instance, this plant will take full, hot sun or some shade. In the South, I think it does better with some partial shade, although it will take full sun. In the North, well, it probably needs full sun. And, hey, it’s not finicky. It can take just about any kind of soil as long as the soil doesn’t hold water and stays wet and boggy. (more…)

5 Reasons To Build a Privacy Fence

Installing any type of fence can add security, value, and style to your home. Those are just some of the many reasons a fence is a good idea for your house. Here are the top five reasons you should build a privacy fence.

Animals Confinement

If you have pets, they need a place that is safe and confined in order to play outdoors without your constant supervision. A fence can allow them that freedom. It can also keep your pets safe from wandering neighborhood pets.

Family Security

In some areas, a security fence is seen as such an important addition to your home’s security that erecting one can lower your homeowner’s insurance. Also, there are studies that suggest a security fence inhibits break-ins and robberies and can increase your home’s value when you resell the property. (more…)

Examples of Functional Fine Art

Everyone’s home has fixtures, knobs, doors, and shelves that serve a purpose. While you may not think about them often, they all offer something more than their surface role. They are opportunities to display functional fine art! Here are some examples of common household staples that can be modeled to reflect your tastes.


Doors are a perfect blank canvas for functional fine art, Think of a plain wooden front door. (more…)

Grow anything in clay soil

Now there’s lots of information out there on the internet about how to grow things in clay soil. people either tell you to till it up or they tell you to add some more compost or potting soil into the clay but my theory is don’t grow into the clay soil build raised beds above and that’s the only way that you can grow in clay soil.

You’ve got to cover it up with potting soil or compost. There’s really no other way to grow in clay soil so the materials that you’re going to need are a wheelbarrow, some potting soil or composted material anything that’s really organic and good drainage. You know he does add sand even or for clippings or grass clippings. (more…)