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What to Consider When Buying Real Estate Properties

As with any investment, there are several things to consider when buying real estate properties in Suffolk County. First, a home that is quality can command a premium price. While the market for homes in Suffolk County isn’t booming, the prices are still reasonable. In fact, last month, more than 66% of homes in the area sold above the asking price. While home prices in Suffolk County tend to stay lower for longer, you should not ignore the fact that you may be able to pay more than what the property is listed for. (more…)

This chart should scare you; is the mortgage market in for a 2008 wreck; average down not even close to 20%

Article originally posted on Fairview Lending

The federal government in their quest to shore up the mortgage market in 2008 has created some new risks to the housing market.  Non bank lenders now make up 74% of the origination volume with only 3 banks even making the list.  What does this mean for the mortgage market and in turn the housing market?  Why are non bank lenders now making up such a large share of originations?  Do we have another large scale “wreck” coming our way? (more…)