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How to Paint Your Home’s Exterior Like a Pro

Have you painted the exterior of your home recently? Even if the vinyl siding looks alright, it would still benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Exterior painting and the caulking and filling that accompanies it are some of the most important DIY projects. They act as the first barrier of protection against the elements, like rain, wind, and snow. When you take a closer look at the siding, you may discover more damage and flaws than you initially thought.

A new coat of paint not only offers protection to your home, but it will give it a great look that increases its curb appeal when you decide to sell. (more…)

When to Call a Professional for Tree Branch Removal

In addition to the apparent reason for safety, there are other reasons why you should call in a professional to handle your tree branch removal. Some of these include the possibility of a liability claim and workers’ compensation insurance benefits.

Do it Yourself

If you have a tree with branches that need to be trimmed, do it yourself. However, before you attempt your first cut, you should know a few things.

To start, you should understand the difference between the different types of cuts. For instance, you should avoid a stub cut. A stub cut can cause a branch to decay backward. Instead, it would help if you made a series of cuts to allow a unit to fall cleanly. (more…)

Understanding How a Drainage Installation Works

If you are installing a drainage system at your house, you must understand how it works. Several drainage systems include perforated, subsurface, surface water, and vent piping. Depending on your specific needs, you may need a different drainage system.

Surface water drainage

A surface water drainage installation MA is crucial to ensure your property is free from flooding. Flooding can cause significant damage to properties. It can also lead to changes in the landscape structure and lead environmental pollution.

Depending on your property’s needs, there are several options for a surface water drainage installation. You can contact your local authority for information on the most suitable drainage system for your property. (more…)

How to Paint Furniture Like a Pro

Painting furniture can seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance and practice, anyone can paint like a professional. Whether you’re looking to upcycle an old dresser or create a custom finish on your dining room table, painting wood furniture is an effective way to transform any piece into something new and unique.

In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions for how to prepare the furniture for painting, select the right type of paint and brush for the job, apply even coats of paint without leaving behind those pesky brush marks and how to finish off with varnish so that your project looks great for years to come! (more…)

How Did the NAR Lawsuit Change the Real Estate Industry?

Throughout real estate history, the National Association of Realtors has fought for the rights of homebuyers and realtors to work together. However, a class action lawsuit named NAR as a defendant in the lawsuit. This has led to a change in how the association conducts its business. A new policy and training program has been created that is consumer friendly.

NAR Agrees to Adopt Antitrust Compliance Training Programs

The Department of Justice has challenged several policies and practices implemented by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). According to the Department of Justice, NAR’s challenged rules hindered real estate competition and increased home buyers’ prices. (more…)